Don’t “Shed” a tear! 

Our Tech Isaac put this shed together and he can do the same for you! Give us a call today!

Stairs and Decks

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Meticulous Remodel is really stepping up its game for the summertime. Please contact us if you’re considering putting in new steps are building a new deck to entertain your friends and family. Would love to help you out.

Quirky and Crazy

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We love bathrooms!

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A father and son that stains together, stays together!

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We love working with those we love. Especially when it’s doing a great job for great clients. No job is too small for us to come on over and give ya a hand. If we can teach our family the importance of hard work in the process then we welcome the opportunity!

Bring’em up young!

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At Meticulous Home Remodel and Repair we work hard to make sure that your family is comfortable in your home. We get that desire from our own family. We love them and spend as much time as possible together. If that means having to manage dad on a shopping trip then that is what we shall do.


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We love helping people’s stairwells look better. This job had 1′ x 1′ mirrors on the walls and ceiling but the client didn’t want to install a disco ball so she had us take them down.


Meticulous Home Remodel & Repair also services commercial businesses!

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We love doing home remodels and adding that personal touch to our clients homes, but did you know that Meticulous Home Remodel & Repair and The Best HandyMEN Services is also Northern Utah’s go-to handyman for commercial locations? That’s right!  With clients such as Microsoft, J. Crew, Rubio’s, The Disney Store and so many more, we have the tools to get the job done.

Here is a new feature that we just finished at the Bose store at City Creek Center in downtown Salt Lake City.  They are super happy with it and we love the feel of their new theater room.

New feature room at Bose in City Creek.

New feature room at Bose in City Creek.

Things are looking up!

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We love nothing more than making a house a home.  We will literally go to any heights to make that happen.  Leading by example is Thayne Gregory, the boss himself making sure that our clients are always happy with the outcome of  their projects.  Call him today at (801)428-7539 to see what we can do to enhance the comfort of your home.

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It’s always great to come home.  However, it’s even better to come home and be greeted by a warm new front porch.  Check out the latest before and after pics!IMG_4348 FullSizeRender IMG_4349

Who doesn’t like an upgrade!

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We were so happy to be able to work on this beautiful home!  New flooring throughout, gorgeous new banister and the best part; a whole new kitchen!  The owners couldn’t be happier with how this has turned out and we couldn’t be happier to provide a service to such a great client.

Enjoy your new space!

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